Canny Edge Detection Applied with Java

Download Canny Edge Detector Java Source Code ( Recently I had to implement the Canny edge detection algorithm in my Digital Image Processing class at ETS. I had seen the algorithm in use in some of our vision software for the SONIA Project, but I had never actually looked into the details of it until […]

Supply and Demand Applied: Turmeric

I was browsing a Montreal indian market on Victoria Avenue in Côte-des-Neiges, trying to get some turmeric, curry leaves and Toor Dal. We had been out of turmeric for a couple days at home and we had forgotten to get it at the grocery store. I couldn’t find a small bottle of turmeric in the […]

HP4195A interface software for Prologix GPIB/USB Adapter

NOTE: this entry has been superseded by a project page ! Click here for the new location. Download program here (, Win32 binary + sources) While I was doing my Analog Filter Design (ELE430) class at Ecole de technologie supérieure, we had to use the Agilent/HP 4195A Network/Spectrum Analyzer in the lab to plot filter […]

MergeBOM 2.0 facilitates parts ordering

Download the program ( During my design work, I often have to order parts for both prototypes and small production runs. This task is usually done using a combination of Excel and a lot of Cut & Paste. I have always felt that a lot of time was wasted in trying to merge together different […]

New website

Welcome to the new website, back online after a hiatus of more than 3 years, during which I was working on my EE degree at ETS and the SONIA project. This site is meant to be a repository of interesting information with electronics projects, technical articles, as well as freely available software. “Entreprises Ten Tech” […]