New website

Welcome to the new website, back online after a hiatus of more than 3 years, during which I was working on my EE degree at ETS and the SONIA project. This site is meant to be a repository of interesting information with electronics projects, technical articles, as well as freely available software.

“Entreprises Ten Tech” is my electronics design consulting business that has been running since mid-2003. I am no longer actively seeking consulting contracts since I have preferred regular employment recently because of family concerns :). I have produced several useful pieces of freeware and open-source/open-hardware projects since 1996 and I enjoy sharing my work. I will also try to bring back some of my more interesting projects from the 1996-2003 period online. This site is also to be a focal point for my current projects, both personal and professional.

I hope you enjoy the information contained within and I encourage you to also visit my friends’ and colleague’s sites.

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