Middle mouse button scroll locking in Eclipse

Direct link with no explanation for those in a hurry (I did not make this software) I have been suffering from repetitive strain injuries (RSI) since 2003. It started with my student job  as a data-entry clerk for a bank from 1999 to 2004. Since then, I have been coping with bouts of wrist tendonitis […]

Resources For Learning SWT/JFace

The Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT) from the Eclipse project is a great native GUI toolkit for Java that is gaining in popularity constantly because of the Eclipse Platform‘s success. The learning curve for this toolkit can be easier if you are careful about the sources of information you use to get started. That’s because a […]

Java2D under SWT: coercing Graphics2D functionality into SWT

Context (or skip to solution 🙂 ) I am currently working on a medium-scale personal project in Electronics Design Automation. I am usually very keen on building scripts and programs to make board-level design tasks faster for me and others. This time around, I am designing a Package Generator program to generate footprints for different […]