Release of the extract_lines Python module

Yesterday I wrote-up a page about extract_lines, a Python module I developed recently to automate some text extraction tasks. Many engineers have to analyze tabular or line-oriented human-readable reports and source code. For instance, suppose we want to extract constant coefficients from a C source file (snippet taken from Bessel functions of the first kind […]

The extract_lines text extraction module for Python

Table of Contents (or straight to downloads 😎 ) The problem The solution: the extract_lines Python module Prerequisites Learning Python Learning Regular Expressions Using How it works Examples Example 1: Basic usage Example 2: Extracting values from a C array Example 3: Extracting binary vectors from a VHDL testbench of a FIR filter Conclusion […]

HP4195A Resources

The HP4195A Resource Page Contents of this page Description Product Information Manuals Application Notes Links Program to download data with Prologix GPIB-USB adapter (HP4195A v1.2) Product pictures and drawings User-submitted content BASIC programs Measurement procedures for specific problems Information Submission & Contact Description of the HP4195A The HP (now Agilent) HP4195A is a 10Hz to […]