DL4195A v1.2 released

A new version (1.2) of the DL4195A program is now available. The following changes were made: Fixed a bug where the program would crash if no serial ports at all were installed on the machine Added online help Added a textual description of the serial ports using the Windows registry Added a new icon Fixed […]

New HP4195A page

I recently spent the time to write an information page about the HP4195A. Since I had written a tool to download data from those devices using a Prologix GPIB/USB adapter, I thought I would share the resources I had for the machine as well. Enjoy the new contents 🙂

HP4195A Resources

The HP4195A Resource Page Contents of this page Description Product Information Manuals Application Notes Links Program to download data with Prologix GPIB-USB adapter (HP4195A v1.2) Product pictures and drawings User-submitted content BASIC programs Measurement procedures for specific problems Information Submission & Contact Description of the HP4195A The HP (now Agilent) HP4195A is a 10Hz to […]

HP4195A interface software for Prologix GPIB/USB Adapter

NOTE: this entry has been superseded by a project page ! Click here for the new location. Download program here (DL4195A_1.0.zip, Win32 binary + sources) While I was doing my Analog Filter Design (ELE430) class at Ecole de technologie supĂ©rieure, we had to use the Agilent/HP 4195A Network/Spectrum Analyzer in the lab to plot filter […]