Video: TX-0, TX-2 and LINC- Early MIT Computers

Here is another video from some VHS tapes I digitized from the  “Bay Area Computer History Perspectives” series of lectures. These lectures were sponsored by Sun Microsystems Inc in the mid-90’s and were part of the first activities of the Computer History Museum. I was lucky enough to get some of these tapes directly from Jeanie […]

Pre-processed assembler and C integer literals

The Problem It is very convenient to use a C preprocessor before running an assembler, so that constants can be shared between C code and assembly code. GCC makes this very easy, by pre-processing assembler sources if specified on the command line or if the extension is “.S” (“.s” is not preprocessed). A problem arises […]

DL4195A v1.2 released

A new version (1.2) of the DL4195A program is now available. The following changes were made: Fixed a bug where the program would crash if no serial ports at all were installed on the machine Added online help Added a textual description of the serial ports using the Windows registry Added a new icon Fixed […]